Say It Somehow

Our actions speak for us better than our words. Every so often when I want to express myself, the words don’t always come easily; this may be contrary to those who know me and my propensity for verbosity.

Working in theatre, I find I want to check my emotions because of the dramatic surroundings; it’s easy to get too emotional, and they can get in the way of executing the task at hand. If we allow ourselves to over-romanticize, we lose sight of the goal. The goal being to bring the audience into the emotion, and let them feel.

But when I wish to express my thanks, my gratitude, well wishes, it’s often hard to find exactly what I want to say. And when I realize the sentiment is realized by the work. The work we do shows the way we feel; sometimes there’s so little that can be said because there is so much expressed by action.

Make Our Moments Grow

I find myself wanting to quantify everything in music; every beat, every rest, every stretch of notes. Sometimes that makes sense, other times it’s not so black and white.

In theatre there numerous variables: the lighting and sound, the acting beats within the scenes. And when actors act in a song, trying to micromanage the moments doesn’t always deliver the best results.

Rather, allowing the moment to develop and discover what the moment is emotionally, and dramatically is key. Sometimes that means letting the moment develop and allow the solution to a problem present itself. If we prescribe the solution too early in the process, it can feel false and forced.