Not-So Happy Talkie Talk

This is perhaps a PSA for the theatre-goers who mistake live theatre for their televisions at home.
There was a performance in which the family in the front row talked throughout the performance.  What can be done in this instance?   Do you try to embarrass them, hoping to quit them?  Perhaps get an usher to deal with them? Or just let them continue their ignorant, entitled, blissful conversation during the performance?

Well as it turned out this loud-spoken family were season ticket holders.  Well shoot.

To point out their distraction might reflect badly, and they might not come back. Good riddance I suppose.  But they are paying customers, and the customers are always right.  Right?

Friends and fellow theatre-goers; one of the reasons live theatre is dying is because not only are fewer people attending it, they don’t know how to attend it.
You cannot expect to ignore the performance or comment on it, the way you would for Real Housewives of Bumbleville. We in the theatre are doing our jobs, our livelihood. Talking through it, texting and taking selfies through it is not only embarrassing and distracting, it’s insulting.
What’s worse is the feeling that as a patron of the theatre, you are entitled to behave however you want, because money says so.  And please, friends don’t let friends talk during a live performance.



One thought on “Not-So Happy Talkie Talk”

  1. Amen!!!! This is the biggest reason I refuse to direct a show at my school. I will NOT put my performers through all of that hard work for an inconsiderate, self-centered audience.

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