Questions, Please

I suppose we’ve all heard the phrase, “ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.” Nice experienced questions, stupid or not, met with condescension. The tone of the answer implies: “you stupid idiot, why would you ask such a stupid question?” So who decides the intelligence of the question?

We all know something, and we all not know everything. This would suggestive sip that it’s easy for you to know something I don’t. One of the reasons I love working in theatre is because it is the meeting of so many different minds; the musicians, dancers, actors, directors, designers. What might seem obvious to one person might be a genuine question posed by someone else.

When we inquire about something, it makes us vulnerable; it shows our ignorance to something and opens the doorway to a conversation. When the person answering shoots down the question, it not only insults the questioner, but discourages further questions and then further conversation. Answer every question as though it is honest and intelligent. Makes for better communication.



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