The Big Picture

Often we do not receive the opportunities we feel we are deserved.  It’s easy to point fingers and blame the circumstances.  In truth, there are so many variables to who gets the job and who doesn’t. When we look beyond the immediate moment, we are able to see the big picture.

Musicals are funny when it comes to hiring.  The first read-through of a new show can bring in all sorts of performers.  As the show grows and develops, the team can look for higher profile performers, actors who can carry the show and entice producers to bring in money.

And there are performers who do not get asked for the second or third run of a show; it’s frustrating at times, but the fact is if the show will run, there will be multiple opportunities to be a part of it.  And as the show grows, so do it’s needs.  Sometimes the leading actor of a reading becomes the supporting character of the produced workshop, or the production.  And often times the procures or production team is focused on the production, and actors have to respect the process.  Which leads to the big picture; sometimes the job doesn’t happen over-night.  It’s keeping the big picture in mind which helps performers see when they are hired and when they are not.



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