Say It Somehow

Our actions speak for us better than our words. Every so often when I want to express myself, the words don’t always come easily; this may be contrary to those who know me and my propensity for verbosity.

Working in theatre, I find I want to check my emotions because of the dramatic surroundings; it’s easy to get too emotional, and they can get in the way of executing the task at hand. If we allow ourselves to over-romanticize, we lose sight of the goal. The goal being to bring the audience into the emotion, and let them feel.

But when I wish to express my thanks, my gratitude, well wishes, it’s often hard to find exactly what I want to say. And when I realize the sentiment is realized by the work. The work we do shows the way we feel; sometimes there’s so little that can be said because there is so much expressed by action.



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